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Some people are naturally agile and fast. Others aren’t – they seem clumsy when it comes to jumping, catching, gripping sidestepping or dancing. It’s as if their hands and feet simply won’t do what their brain tells them to.

The good news is that whether you’re lead-footed or as agile as Roger Federer, your coordination and agility will improve if you do these five exercises three times a week. You’ll start seeing the difference after a month (even sooner if you exercise more often), says exercise physiologist Pea Blaauw who designed the exercises.

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Gently stroking the velvet fur on my cat’s nose, I recently marvelled at the amazing sense of touch. Cradling my baby nephew a few days later, a quote from Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin came to mind: “Touch comes before sight, before speech. It’s the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.”

Touch evokes emotion, pleasure, pain and sensuality – it’s a way of communicating; a basic form of human interaction that crosses social, cultural, gender and racial barriers.

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It’s the “silly season” and time for year-end parties and summer holidays filled with lots of festive eating and drinking. Few people survive this time of year without overindulging, and suffering the consequences in the form of bloating, constipation and lethargy.

The “solution” for many people is a detox diet to rid the body of “toxins” and restore energy levels. However, before you go ahead with your own detox, you should consider a few things. How healthy are detox diets really? Do they actually work? And could they perhaps be doing more harm than good?

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It’s the most complex, intricate piece of machinery in the known universe, yet most of us pay more attention to maintaining our cars.

“Machinery” is too clunky a word to do it justice. “Supercomputer” is better, but even that doesn’t come close. Your brain is where you live. When it fails, not only are all your physical and mental skills in jeopardy, but the very essence of who you are.

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Come 25 December, you might be tucking into large quantities of rich food and imbibing plentifully – all in celebration of Christmas. The good news is that you can prepare a fabulously special meal without compromising the family’s healthy eating and/or slimming plans.

We list the energy, fat, saturated fat and cholesterol contents of a delicious, but lighter Christmas meal that could be used to replace the traditional version.

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Ever feel like a kid trapped in an adults body? What exactly is behind the process of ageing? More importantly, can we slow things down a bit?

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Decide first thing in the morning to have a positive outlook for the rest of the day and see if it makes a difference to your mood and how you control situations.

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